Take a look at what the chapters in ND are doing this month!


The first week of school the local officers met to discuss the plans for our FBLA chapter for the school year. We planned our first meeting agenda, designed the t-shirts, and made our program of work. The second week of school we held our FBLA interest meeting. At this meeting we went over what FBLA is all about, activities we do throughout the school year, and the state conference. Due to not being able to do an in-class ice breaker, our officers hid FBLA flags around the school for our members to find. If they found a flag, members were awarded a point towards state FBLA and a candy bar.

Divide County:

The month of August started out great for the Divide County FBLA members. On August 7, we were allowed to hold the FBLA Annual Awards Program. This program was held at West Park. Members received their awards from the state and national conferences, old officers were recognized and the 2020-21 Officer Team was installed. The outstanding member from each grade level was announced, as well as some extra awards. Ice cream was served to all in attendance. The members enjoyed the program outside and would like to keep the option open for 2021.

The officer team met, via zoom, to prepare a program of work for the upcoming year. Expecting membership to decline, due to the online conference and distance education, the officers are brainstorming how to keep members involved.

The football and volleyball concessions were cleaned in hopes that the chapter will be allowed to get them up and running in the near future. As of right now, there are no concessions.

The first organizational chapter meeting was held on August 26. At this meeting, it was discussed that there were former members not in attendance. The officer team is out actively recruiting and retaining members.

The chapter registered for the annual Stock Market Game that begins in September.

Officers have also begun to work on the Super Sweeps and the Outstanding Chapter Award activities.

During the month of August our Chapter met as an officer team. We prepared our Plan of Work for the 2020-2021 year. Officers discussed the duties of the chapter officers who were elected during our distance-learning last Spring. Membership drive ideas were determined. Fundraising and Chapter Projects were also discussed and officers are beginning working on the details for the projects. The officers are eager to begin another exciting year in FBLA!


The Wishek Chapter is starting to find its time to meet and get everyone excited for the new and different year. With many contests and conferences being held virtually, so to may our meetings. Organizational meeting is scheduled for September 2. Here is to a year to Inspire the next generation of business leaders.


Thank you to all of the Chapter’s who submitted their checkin!