Take a look at what the chapters in
NORTH DAKOTA are doing this month!


The month of February was a pretty slow month for the Bowbells FBLA. The only thing that we really did was work on the CTE celebrations and FBLA week. FBLA week there was a variety of activities planned. We had a special guest come talk to us about the bank one afternoon. Another thing that we did was have a yogurt and donuts breakfast. There was also a professional dress day held.


The Carrington chapter held an officer meeting and an all-member meeting in the month of February. Our officer meeting consisted of completing Go for Gold activities and Champion Chapter activities. At our all-member meeting, our officers announced our member of the month, Hayden Somsen. We also talked about State FBLA – we went over professional dress and competitive events. At the end of the month, we held a social for our members at the bowling alley. Members met at the bowling alley to enjoy some free games of bowling and pizza. It was a lot of fun! We are busy working on completing our state events and are excited for SLC!


Members were busy preparing FBLA Week Activities and finishing up projects to submit for SLC. During the month members also competed in LifeSmarts and VBC Challenges.


In February the members of the Enderlin Chapter of FBLA finished up their BAA levels and selected their events for the state conference. They celebrated FBLA week by reading the daily announcements (which included information about FBLA every day), wearing professional dress at our meeting, and enjoying caramel rolls for breakfast on Friday. The Parliamentary Procedure team came to school at 7:05 to take their test this morning and the other “school” tests will be taken Monday and Tuesday. We have ten members who will be attending the state leadership conference.


In the month of February, the Grenora FBLA chapter tried our hardest to celebrate FBLA week. We held our third Professional Dress Day of the year. We set up a March of Dimes fundraiser and made over $450 in donations. As a chapter, we flashlight read in the dark with grades K-3. With grades 4-6, we set up a basketball game, called lightning. The kids had a lot of fun interacting with the high schoolers. Our chapter also traveled to the Senior Center of Grenora to play cards with the senior citizens; they were thrilled to have us. To end the week, we sold lollipops and zingers to fundraise for our trip to the SLC in March and for use in conducting community service projects.


On February 1st, FBLA sold concessions at the boys basketball game against Dakota Prairie. Again, on February 22, FBLA sold concessions at the boys basketball game against Griggs-Midkota.

FBLA also sold Orange Crush and Grape Crush sodas at the high school to students for delivery to their friends on Valentine’s Day! It was a great success.

Attached is a picture of the second dress-up day that FBLA held, also in February.


The Mandan FBLA Chapter had a successful FBLA week. Some of the activities were: guessing jar, advisor appreciation day, selling heart shaped suckers, professional dress day. Prizes were given for the closes guess and a drawing for professional dress day.


This month our chapter has been very busy with FBLA week and SLC coming up. For FBLA week we had our third and final professional dress day on Wednesday and wore our old FBLA T-shirts on Thursday. Today we are going to be playing bingo with our whole high school to help raise money for the American Heart Association.

With SLC on its way, our members have been very hard at work getting their presentations ready to go. We’ve set up a presentation night to give them a chance to practice for state with a business person and school official as judges.

We’ve also been holding meetings to prepare for our annual carnival our chapter holds in March, and this month we’ve really been working hard to complete Go For Gold.


During the month of February, Tioga FBLA members were busy preparing for SLC. They completed their reports and pre-conference tests. They celebrated FBLA week by having fun dress up days for the high school to participate in as well as got the community to join in on the fun by dressing up in Yee Haw attire for the girls’ district basketball game. On February 8th, the FBLA members were fortunate to be able to take a tour of Neset Consulting. While there, Kathy Neset gave a brief description of the business she started and then the members were divided into small groups to tour the business and network with the local employees. They ended the month by having a meeting to discuss fundraising options and decided to sell Word’s Finest Chocolates again this semester.


Thank you to all of the Chapters who submitted their news!