take a look at what the chapters in
NORTH DAKOTA are doing this month!

Des Lacs/Burlington:

The main activity we completed this past month was our first fundraiser. We sold football booklets to help raise money for our program! Every member received at least 6 books, selling for $25 a piece, and had to sell every one before the first night of NFL Monday Night Football started. Each week, only one book will win $35 that week if the scores match up to their book number. We all worked hard at selling our booklets and it was a huge hit! Just to add, we had our first officer meeting this past month and it went very well. We are looking forward to this coming year and for our chapter to be a lot more involved than in the past!



The officer team came together to make the program of work so we know what we want to do for this FBLA year. We also had our FBLA 101 meeting on August 22 to show the new members what FBLA has to offer and what benefits they can have. The officer team presented a slide show full of information and photos of the fun and helpful skills FBLA helps them get. And we showed them what we plan to do for this year so they can expect a year full of fun and learning.

Grand Forks Central:

Grand Forks Central met as advisers and a few chapter leaders from the previous year to discuss the upcoming year. With the addition of Jake Hanson as an adviser, we discussed his role, plan for activities, and set up a program of work.

Our First scheduled meeting will take place September 6th at 3:00 in Mr. Lennon’s room. We will discuss the fall leadership conference, running for a local leadership position, recruitment, and fundraising.

Grand Forks Red River:

The activities we were able to accomplish this month were: mailing welcome-back cards to our members for another fun-filled year with FBLA, and organizing and preparing a prospective/recruiting meeting on September 7th.


~We had 2 officer training meetings.
~Reviewed and revised the Program of Work to get ready for the year and Summer Starter.
~We have completed 6 of the 12 Summer Starter requirements and are working to complete all 12 for a perfect score.
~We had a recruitment meeting where we had 3 new members join.
~We set our goals for the year and are looking for ideas for the Community Service and Project Awareness Projects.
~Have a committee for Partnership with a business and the project idea.
~Registered for 8 teams for the Stock Market Game.
~Delivered 40 Sports Calendars, which is a fundraiser for our members who want to go to Nationals.


Hazelton Moffit Braddock :

Our chapter had a new member drive party with donuts. The president explained his experience at the National FBLA Conference in Atlanta, GA. He also shared his experience as a first-time member in the 7th grade and he is now a senior. Our new members have grown by four. We are a small chapter but mighty in our works.


My chapter adviser sent us all a welcoming email for this year’s FBLA chapter! During the first week of school, our FBLA chapter organized a free back-to-school rootbeer and orange float table. Students 7th through 12th were all able to come down and get a float donated by by our chapter.


The Linton FBLA Chapter had its first officer meeting in August. At the meeting, a Program of Work was discussed. A new area that we are embarking on this year is organizing a Middle School chapter. Our officers will be tasked with meeting with 7th and 8th-grade students to talk about FBLA, Competitive Events, and the State Conference.
Officers have the opportunity to attend the Fall Leadership Conference in Bismarck in October. The FLC helps officers develop their leadership skills and prepares them for running their chapters during the year.
We are looking forward to our first general meeting on Thursday, September 7.


This month, we focused on getting back into the swing of things. Even tho August went fast, our chapter managed to get a lot accomplished! We started off strong by having our first chapter meeting. During this meeting, officer positions were chosen. New members were also welcomed. Along with that, we discussed our goals and plans to have a great, successful year! Having a professional dress day within the month of August was also discussed and decided upon at the meeting. The following week, every member of our chapter participated in the professional dress day! Mott-Regent is eager and looking forward to another awesome year of FBLA!

May-Port CG:

This month our officers have been busy preparing for monthly meetings. Our monthly schedule has been set and we met with students in grades 7-12 that had an interest in FBLA on August 23. Our officers made popcorn and talked about the benefits of FBLA and why it is important to join Student Lead Organizations. They also have scheduled working a concessions and busy planning for our next meeting, September 6th.


Our chapter held an officer meeting/training session on August 27th, 2023. During this meeting, we went over what each of the officers’ responsibilities are and how all of the pieces tie together. Along with that, we went over how to get our chapter involved in the Summer Starter challenges and all future ones as well. We thought of volunteer options and we planned to collaborate with the members of the American Heart Association to set up educational activities and slideshows for our elementary schoolers.


“Failing to plan is planning to fail” and one thing is for sure, Stanley is planning and prepared for a busy year of FBLA. Officers met at their adviser’s house on August 11 for supper, planning, and games. The officer team decided on key membership requirements and set dates for events throughout the school year. Afterwards, officers enjoyed games and s’mores by the fire.

Stanley FBLA started a lemonade stand this July which continued in August. They sold at Crazy Days in Stanley on August 5th which turned out to be a crazy busy day. Stanley also partnered with West End Boutique to sell lemonade by their store. The boutique rented a cute cart for us as part of their two year anniversary celebration for their business. Stanley sold lemonade in front of their store two times this month which mutually benefitted both parties. Stanley sold lemonade at our first football game of the season too. Although they expected a large crowd, they did not expect to sell out before half time.

Stanley is implementing FBLA Fridays this year. There will be an informal FBLA meeting every Friday there is school at 8:10 AM where everyone can come to learn more about FBLA, do announcements, and cover weekly topics such as conference behavior and dress code. We’ve had two of these meetings so far this year with iced coffee at both and doughnuts at one.

Stanley is just a few activities short of completing the Summer Starter challenge and looking forward to being a Champion+ chapter this year. Stanley is also going to implement a local member of the month. One thing is for sure, Stanley FBLA is ready for their best year yet!



The first week of school we had an officer kick off supper at the park and discussed the activities we want to do this year and our roles as officers. We also held our kick off lunch during the first full week to welcome new members and to welcome back our previous members. We enjoyed pizza together. We also served food and cleaned up the tables at a wedding for some members at our community.


Thank you to all of the Chapters who submitted their news!