Hello FBLA Collegiate members, advisers, and friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season, and I’m glad to be back to work preparing for the rest of the FBLA year. This little news update will bring some overviews of what to expect coming up in February – and you won’t want to miss it!

The first important update is that February 1st marks the start of CTE Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating all of Career and Technical Education and to remembering that education, especially CTE, is a journey, not an end goal. I, for one, am glad that you all have decided to make FBLA a part of your journey.

CTE Month isn’t the only excitement happening in February, either. Starting on February 11, we will celebrate FBLA Week! Each day in FBLA week has a new theme. February 11th will be Service Sunday, a day dedicated to community service. Mentor Monday is all about those people who help “enrich the experiences” of others. Tuesday Talks is a networking day, with an online networking event. Why Wednesday is a day to reflect on FBLA and find your “why.” Thankful Thursday is about showing gratitude to those who help make FBLA possible (members, this might be a good day to say thanks to your adviser!). Future Friday is about preparing for our future careers. Finally, February 17th will end FBLA Week with Success Saturday; this is day to look back on what we accomplished so far this year, and to ready ourselves to go above and beyond at SLC and NLC.

FBLA Week is going to be jam-packed with FBLA spirit. To see a more in-depth description of each day, and for access to an adviser toolkit designed to help make FBLA Week even better, visit https://www.fbla.org/fbla-pbl-week/. There will be some online webinar-style events during FBLA Week, and those links are also posted on that page; if you are interested in any of those, please sign up for them. Also, make sure to send us your pictures! We want to share stories from each chapter’s events during FBLA Week, so take lots of pictures and send them over to us!

February is going to be busy month; I hope that you all are ready for it! In addition to participating in all the FBLA Week festivities, Alec, Hailey, and I would like to ask one more thing from you: we want each and every one of you to be proud to be an FBLA Collegiate member, adviser, or supporter. Let that FBLA spirit show during the whole of CTE Month and beyond! And make sure you’re preparing for SLC (April 7-8) – it’ll be here before you know it. We can’t wait to see you what you all have planned for FBLA Week!

-Mason Lemer ND FBLA Collegiate State President