Take a look at what the chapters in 
NORTH DAKOTA are doing this month!


Our FBLA chapter has been very busy this month of October. We had our Fall Leadership in Bismarck from the 9th through the 10th. While in Bismarck, we shopped for prizes for our November Santa Day. We did 50/50 ticket selling at our home football and volleyball games this month. The junior high students really stepped up to help sell tickets. We also sold Boo Grams (suckers) to our high school and elementary for a Halloween fundraiser. We had a professional dress day this month as well as our chapter picture for the yearbook. This coming week we will be helping serve the Lion’s Steak Supper at our local Legion Hall.


This month the Bowbells FBLA members have been busy collecting dues, doing community service projects, and attending the Fall Leadership Conference. Our officers enjoyed FLC and are excited to return next year. Locally, the FBLA members have been hard at work. Members have participated in moving boxes for a local Bowbells resident who needed help moving. Additionally, they worked hard to help move the local food pantry who was relocating due to lack of space. The members also decided to decorate pumpkins to give to businesses in order to show our appreciation for their contributions to the community.


Burke Central:

During the month of October, the Burke Central FBLA chapter attended Fall Leadership Conference. While we were in Bismarck we visited Ameriprise Financial, had lunch, and visited the advisors about what they do and how they came to their current career paths. We did a “Buddy” activity at our chapter meeting. Along with our buddy activities we gave information on why prospective members should join FBLA, and Kyra Bakken gave a 1-minute elevator speech on the benefits of FBLA. We celebrated FBLA spirit day by wearing blue and gold. Lastly, we hosted a Halloween party for grades 7-12 with a movie and popcorn.



For the month of October, Our officer team had a meeting to discuss the previous month’s accomplishments, as well as the next month’s agenda. As a chapter, we had an all-member meeting where we talked about choosing state competitive and testing events as well as partners. We had sign-up sheets at the member meeting for candy sales and cleanup. We announced our members of the month of October and as well as introduced and inducted all new members in our chapter. We had several, business and professional dress-up days during October. Over the month of October, we had a pumpkin carving competition where members could get together and carve a pumpkin anytime during October. They would post a picture of their carvings and tag Carrington FBLA in their post or story and earn a point for State. As a chapter, we completed our champion requirements this month and are working towards our Gold Chapter goals.

Divide County:

Divide County is a very active chapter year-round. This month we have participated in a variety of activities. Our March of Dimes Committee has hosted a powder puff football game fundraiser. Our members have participated in a pizza fundraiser for State. We had our officer team and class reps attend Fall Leadership Conference where they attended workshops and learned from their speakers. Our officers have met three times over the course of this month to discuss events and to ensure everyone is up to date on what is going on in the chapter. Our officers organized a new form of communication between the officers and the members as well. Since we can’t fit all our members into one big group chat, we had each officer take a grade level of our members to keep track of. So far, our new method is working smoothly. Our officers have also really been working with our middle school members to help them with their merit award and lead level since this is all very new to them. Our American Heart Association created a mini carnival for a fundraiser. We also had younger members, middle level included, sign up to observe and help their upperclassmen in our chapter projects such as our partnership with business, business report, AHA Committee, MOD Committee, community service project, and entrepreneurship week Committee. The officers hosted two chapter meetings this month and the middle school president led four middle school chapter meetings.

Drake-Anamoose Middle School:

In October we had two meetings. Our first meeting was over Zoom and we talked about FLC and what our schedule looked like and what we all needed to bring. The last meeting was on the 24th and we talked about FLC and what we liked and learned from it. We also talked about our upcoming Market Day and installed two new officers. One of the days in October we planned a day to wear FBLA shirts.



October began with a flurry of activities that needed to be organized and implemented. Members either volunteered or were selected to be part of either a fundraising activity or a project committee. Currently, the club has five ongoing activities which will benefit both the school and the community, two of which will help the chapter attend the state leadership competition in March. In addition, many members are currently working on Champion Chapter events or Business Achievement Award activities.

In October, our FLBA Chapter sells “spook-o-grams” to students, and Christmas wreaths and swags to community members. The spook-o-gram activity began as a morale builder for students and has grown into a profitable fundraising activity. Students line up to purchase a “gram” which is then attached to a “ghost lollipop” and delivered secretly before Halloween. Our Christmas wreath fundraiser was a huge success with sales exceeding last year’s numbers by 60%!

Glen Ullin:

The month of October was a busy one for the Glen Ullin FBLA chapter. To kick off the month, we received and delivered our butterbraids that we fundraised with in September. Our members helped unload and organize the boxes to bring home. Our chapter officers also attended the Fall Leadership Conference at the Bismarck Hotel. We enjoyed learning more about what we can do to grow FBLA at our school. Our chapter also designed Bearcat shirts to sell and raise money for our chapter. There are two different designs open for purchase throughout our community. To finish off our October activities, we also organized our school’s first-quarter honor roll celebration. Our president was the emcee for the event and our officers handed out the certificates and awards.

Grand Forks Central:

Our chapter attended the Fall Leadership Conference. We attended very informational and useful workshops where we learned how to keep our audiences engaged, what to do if we want to become a President or Vice-President, as well as form a program of work/goals for the year.


  • Sold lollipops for March of Dimes and sold over 1500 Lollipops.
  • Week-long Project Awareness of Blue-Ribbon Week (Kindness Week). Members helped us throughout the week with taking pictures, help setting up for presentations, helping color rocks, cut out paper for the Crosses for Camron Campaign.
  • Attended Fall Leadership Conference in Bismarck, 9 members attended.
  • Had several meetings throughout the month for a general meeting, officer meetings (2), and committee meetings for Project Awareness and Community Service Projects.
  • Reviewed our budget and made revisions.
  • Created a project plan to increase membership.
  • Members have been working on BAA’s and we have 2 that have been completed and 2 more that are almost completed.
  • Working on reports: Partnership with a Business, Annual Business Report.
  • Started working on the Agricultural Report and met with the banker.
  • We have nine Stock Market teams.
  • Made confirmations for the Pizza Sales with our local business in town, and secured an outing to their facility.
  • Had seven members take and complete the Business Battle tests.
  • Working on Shaping for Success and so far, we have completed 7 of the 12 and have 1200 points.
  • Our Chapter has done several activities for go for ND Gold.


Our FBLA Chapter has completed our chapter fundraising by managing concessions for football, volleyball, and elementary girls’ basketball. The concessions are a terrific opportunity to learn change counting skills, food/beverage preparation, inventory management, and relating to people.

Our Chapter officers attended the FLC and will bring back important information to our members about becoming an officer, new projects, and BAA/LEAD!


Our chapter participated in Trick or Treat for canned goods. We collected over 1500 canned goods for our local food pantry which is located in the basement of Aide Inc.

May-Port CG:

The May-Port CG FBLA Chapter has had a busy month! The big event for the month was our annual Haunted House Fundraiser. The chapter utilizes the old Portland Schoolhouse for this event. The event brought in over $1,000 in just 2 hours. The chapter members all had a blast participating in the event and scaring the attendees. Our members also began selling their annual raffle tickets to help defray costs for the SLC. Most of our members also began competing in both VBC and Lifesmarts. Workshops were held to get BAA’s and Lead Awards set up. Overall, our chapter had a busy month with many more to come!



October was another successful month in the books for Mott-Regent! This month we attended FLC. Our members enjoyed hearing from speakers, going to workshops, and participating in all the events. FLC presented us with great knowledge and examples of good leadership skills. During FLC, the chapter enjoyed a chapter meal. As a continuation of our previous fundraisers, we sold 50/50 tickets at a home football game. The Little Caesars Pizza Kit Sales were also very successful. In the last week of October, the kits were delivered and members sorted and dispersed customers’ orders. As the holiday season approaches, we are looking forward to giving back to the community!


We placed our march of dimes buckets in each classroom. We sold cancer ribbons and t-shirts and donated those to a breast cancer patient.

South Heart:

This October our chapter hosted a Painting Party as a fundraiser! Our high school art teacher lead attendees in a fun night of step-by-by painting to create a masterpiece! We had an awesome turnout! FBLA members set up, took down, helped at registration, prepared the drinks & snacks provided, and some even took part in the class! Such a fun night and it has become a staple fundraiser for our chapter!


Stanley’s FBLA month of October offered something for every member! We started out the month with a chapter outing on the 2nd to the pumpkin patch in Minot, followed by supper at Buffalo Wild Wings. Members had a great time playing and hanging out at Berry Acres and we plan to make it an annual event. Officers attending the State FLC in Bismarck, ND where our State Officer helped lead the conference. Members raised a new record of money from our popcorn fundraiser this month which will go towards SLC expenses. Select members competed in the Business Battle competition for Middle School and High School and our first member completed a level of the BAAs.

Stanley created committees for a food drive (partnered with Thrivent), American Enterprise Day, March of Dimes, Halloween, and a rummage sale. Committees met with Mrs. Evensvold individually throughout the month to make plans for their events. Two groups of 16 members each went to Wee Care Preschool to help run their Halloween party games on Thursday, October 27th. They split up with two people per game and the preschool students rotated through and won prizes. On Friday the 28th, members went to the South Complex to help set up for the Fall Festival. This involved rolling in large wheels, setting up chairs and tables, and decorating the area with neon tape for black light nerf fights. At the Fall Festival held on Halloween, members decorated Mrs. Evensvold’s trunk for trunk-or-treat. Our food drive committee partnered with Thrivent and collected just shy of 600 items for the food pantry. Since we collected at least 500 items, Thrivent donated $500 to the food pantry.


The Strasburg FBLA chapter had fantastic success for the month of October. We designed FBLA apparel for sale to the members and formed a community service committee. Another achievement we decided on was to get a vending machine for our high school hallway. We also have a coffee shack available during classes and a snack cart called Gimme Grub. Our snack cart has had much success in our school. We run the cart every Wednesday during the fifth and sixth hour and our sales are very consistent. We had ten members attend the Fall Leadership Conference, who made connections and memories. For Halloween, we made ghosts out of suckers and hid them around our school for students to find. Finally, we created a program of work, so have a visual of what our year will look like.


During the month of October, Tioga officers attended the Fall Leadership Conference. We were excited to bring our first 8th-grade class representative since we just started a Middle School chapter last year. The officers came back with great ideas and were excited to put their plans into action. They created a meeting schedule for the rest of the year to meet as an officer team as well as a chapter. The day after FLC, the chapter had a morning meeting in which they bonded over donuts and project planning. They created subcommittees, including Middle School members, to start working on the American Enterprise Project, Community Service Project, and Partnership with Business. Their goal is to complete all of their projects before Christmas break. Plans are being made to have a chapter party at Hygge Hills in November in which the members will bond over food and a break-out room.


During the month of October, we held chapter meetings each Friday during our “WIN Time.”
Our members sold Pizza Corner and Brew Pub pizza, successfully meeting chapter and individual sales goals. A boxed fruit sale campaign is currently underway.

Our Chapter President, Vice President, and Co-Adviser Jacob Cline attended the North Dakota State Fall Leadership Conference in Bismarck.

Thank you to all of the Chapters who submitted their news!